Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 13 [Nos. 1000-1080], Page 405

MR No. 1080—The Importance of Houses of Worship

Simple, Neat Churches Give Character to the Work—There are already inquiries being made, If we embrace the truth, where is the place to worship in? We see and feel the necessity; as soon as a company shall leave the churches there must be prepared for the sheep and lambs an humble place where they can be called to the fold.

Meetinghouses must be built. There is in contemplation a meetinghouse to be erected in Hawthorn. It will not answer to leave the people without a place where they can assemble to worship God. There must be erected simple and neat churches which will give character to the important truths that we are advocating. Tasmania also must have a church built for the people to assemble in.

Edson, we see so many places to be worked, and where are the means? I have appropriated $19 a week to sustain workers in the field, and if I dared to express my desire I would say I will sustain still others. Every shilling seems precious; there are so many ways that shillings can be invested. There is enough to be done to employ 20 workers at this very time right here in Melbourne and suburbs.—Letter 83, 1895, p. 4. (To Edson White, November 18, 1895.)

Churches to Be Built Wherever Tent Meetings Are Held—Our work is new, and if we are aggressive many places we now have in view will be worked. We are trying to enter Newcastle and Maitland, both important places. The

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