Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 13 [Nos. 1000-1080], Page 49

MR No. 1009—Efforts to Restore Unity in the Post-1888 Era

Yesterday [Wednesday] I called a meeting of the prominent ones, Elders U. Smith, Leon Smith, Olsen, Fero, Watt, Prescott, Waggoner, McCoy, Larson, Porter, Colcord, Ballenger, Webber, Dan Jones, Wakeham, G. Amadon, Eldridge, Breed, and Professor Miller. After prayer by Brother Smith, I said that Brother Waggoner had some things to say which I wished them to hear, which would disabuse some minds. He then took up the Sabbath school lessons, explaining the last lessons and the imputation that rested upon him as though it was done designedly. This, with Brother Jones’ explanation, took about one hour. All had liberty to speak as they saw fit, asking any questions. All these things seemed to be satisfactory.

Then I commenced giving my experience in California with certain ones, and the ever-ready evading of the testimonies. “It is Sister White's mind, her opinions; and her opinions are no better than our opinions, unless it is something she has seen in vision.” I told the outcome of the matter. I told of my labors to get the messengers and message to have a fair chance in Minneapolis. I told freely of the interviews I had with the [Review and Herald] Board, of the prejudice existing in minds, of the talk in the houses, of the words spoken that angels had registered in the books of

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