Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 13 [Nos. 1000-1080], Page 92

MR No. 1012—Qualifications of Parents and Teachers; a Call to Leave Battle Creek

You inquire, What shall we do with the school building? Shall we sell it to the Sanitarium? Shall we establish schools in different localities? To the latter question, I answer, Yes; establish schools. Let the very best talent that can be secured be selected for those schools. No cheap cast of mind should be placed in our church schools. The very best is required for educating and molding the human mind.

Men and women should feel that as teachers the Lord has committed to them the solemn trust of the souls of the children and youth, and that as teachers they are to be constant learners, never allowing circumstances to conquer them. In their work they will find clouds and darkness, tempest and storms; they will meet prejudice from parents who have incorrect ideas of what characters they are to form in the training of their children, and who, while they claim to believe the Bible, have not brought its principles into the home life.

Many parents go to extremes. Some who make a large profession are not Christians. They believe that Christ is the Saviour of the world but their faith does not grasp Him as their personal Saviour. They are not converted. When fathers and mothers are converted, there will be a thorough conversion

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