Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 13 [Nos. 1000-1080], Page 50

heaven, of the lightness and trifling of Brother Rupert in the room which Brother Smith occupied. I spoke of Brother Smith having no interview with me, not coming to me to find out where I stood, what I believed or did not believe, the unwillingness to unite in seasons of prayer.

The power resting upon me when I spoke to the people was abundant evidence that God was with me. But the old spirit, such as that of the Pharisees, possessed them and blinded their eyes and confused their judgment. They knew not any more than the Jews what manner of spirit they were of.

I spoke of the meetings here in Battle Creek since the conference—that my testimony had been made of none effect.

Waggoner spoke well. I know that a favorable impression was left upon minds, and there was no rising up, no spirit of opposition. I inquired, “How could you, Brother Smith, treat me as you did? How could you stand directly in the way of the work of God?”

It was finally simmered down to this—that a letter had come from California to Brother Butler, telling them that plans were all made to drive the law in Galatians. Then this was met and explained, that there were no plans laid. You can see how these explanations must have looked to those present. I told Brother Smith he ought to be the last one to hedge up my way, and by his own attitude give strength to doubts and unbelief in the testimonies. He had abundance of evidence that my testimonies had not changed in character, in influence, since he had become acquainted with me. He knew more about them and the place they should fill in the work than any other man living. He had been connected with my husband and myself from his youth and therefore he was more responsible than any other one.

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