Ellen G. White Writings

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Spiritual Gifts, vol. 1, Page 77

that their lives could not be taken from them until their mission should be accomplished. And when their testimony should be finished, their lives might be required to seal the testimonies which they had borne. His anxious followers gladly listened to his teachings. They eagerly feasted upon every word which fell from his holy lips. Then they certainly knew that he was the Saviour of the world. Every word sunk with deep weight into their hearts, and they sorrowed that they must be parted from their blessed, heavenly teacher; that after a little they should no more hear comforting, gracious words from his lips. But again their hearts were warmed with love and exceeding joy, as Jesus told them that he would go and prepare mansions for them, and come again and receive them, that they might ever be with him. He told them that he would send them the Comforter, the Holy Spirit, to guide, bless and lead them into all truth; and he lifted up his hands and blessed them.


Chapter 11—The Ascension of Christ

All heaven was waiting the hour of triumph when Jesus should ascend to his Father. Angels came to receive the King of glory, and to escort him triumphantly to heaven. After

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