Ellen G. White Writings

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Testimonies for the Church, vol. 1, Page 624

be rushed into heedlessly, but every move should be made cautiously, with the greatest wisdom, for far more is pending than in a national battle. Satan and his host are all astir at these conflicts between truth and error, and if the advocates of truth do not go into battle in the strength of God, Satan will manage to outgeneral them every time.

In the second combat there was much, very much at stake. Yet here again Brother F failed. He did not engage in that conflict feeling his weakness and in humility and simplicity relying upon the strength of God. He again felt a sufficiency in himself. His past successes had lifted him up. He thought that the victories he had gained were very much due to his aptness in using the powerful arguments furnished in the word of God.

I was shown that the advocates of truth should not seek discussions. And whenever it is necessary for the advancement of the cause of truth and the glory of God that an opponent be met, how carefully and with what humility should they go into the conflict. With heart-searching, confession of sin, and earnest prayer, and often fasting for a time, they should entreat that God would especially help them and give His saving, precious truth a glorious victory, that error might appear in its true deformity and its advocates be completely discomfited. Those who battle for the truth, against its opposers, should realize that they are not meeting merely men, but that they are contending with Satan and his angels, who are determined that error and darkness shall retain the field and the truth be covered up with error. As error is most in accordance with the natural heart, it is taken for granted to be clear. Men who are at ease love error and darkness, and are unwilling to be reformed by the truth. They do not love to come to the light, lest their deeds should be reproved.

If those who stand in vindication of the truth, trust to the weight of argument, with but a feeble reliance upon God, and thus meet their opponents, nothing will be gained on the side

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