Ellen G. White Writings

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Testimonies for the Church, vol. 1, Page 80

astronomy. Said he: “This is of the Lord.” I never before saw him so free and happy. His countenance shone with the light of heaven, and he exhorted the church with power.

From the Conference I returned with my husband to Gorham, where my parents were then living. Here I was taken very sick, and suffered extremely. My parents, husband, and sisters united in prayer for me, but I suffered on for three weeks. I often fainted like one dead, but in answer to prayer revived again. My agony was so great that I pleaded with those around me not to pray for me; for I thought their prayers were protracting my sufferings. Our neighbors gave me up to die. For a time it pleased the Lord to try our faith. At length, as my friends again united in prayer for me, a brother who was present seemed much burdened, and with the power of God resting upon him, rose from his knees, came across the room, and laid his hands upon my head, saying: “Sister Ellen, Jesus Christ maketh thee whole,” and fell back, prostrated by the power of God. I believed that the work was of God, and the pain left me. My soul was filled with gratitude and peace. The language of my heart was: “There is no help for us but in God. We can be in peace only as we rest in Him and wait for His salvation.”

The next day there was a severe storm, and none of the neighbors came to our house. I was able to be up in the sitting room; and as some saw the windows of my room raised, they supposed that I was dead. They knew not that the Great Physician had graciously entered the dwelling, rebuked the disease, and set me free. The next day we rode thirty-eight miles to Topsham. Inquiries were made of my father, at what time the funeral would be. Father asked: “What funeral?” “The funeral of your daughter,” was the reply. Father answered: “She has been healed by the prayer of faith, and is on her way to Topsham.”

A few weeks after this, on our way to Boston we took the steamer at Portland. A violent storm came up, and we were

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