Ellen G. White Writings

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Selected Messages Book 2, Page 208

Chapter 22—Financial Assistance in Worker Qualification

Help Promising Young Men

It should be made a part of gospel labor to help forward promising young men who give evidence that the love of truth and righteousness has a constraining influence upon them, leading them to dedicate themselves to the work of God, as medical missionaries, as canvassers, as evangelists. Let a fund be established to carry this work forward. Then let those who have received help go forth to minister to the sick and suffering. This work will surely open the way for the balm of Gilead to be applied to sin-sick souls.—Manuscript 35, 1901.

Assistance Given Our First Medical Students

My husband and myself united in taking three promising young men from their humble labors, and placing in the hands of each one thousand dollars to obtain an education in medical lines. This had been the selection that the Lord put into the mind of my husband. The Lord had given light and preference to these three youth, and they were to give themselves to the work of physicians.—Letter 322, 1905.

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