Ellen G. White Writings

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Selected Messages Book 2, Page 348

put within them a longing of soul, and they have prayed most earnestly for recovery and have supposed they had a right to claim the promise, and yet the sick died. The Lord, who sees the end from the beginning, understood that should He work by His power to heal, the divine will would be misunderstood.

At times, restoration would not be best, either for the friends or for the church, but would result in wild enthusiasm and fanaticism, leading some to the conclusion that impulse is the ground of our faith. The only safe course is to follow the written Word. After you have done all you can for the sufferer, place the case in the hands of the Lord. It may be that death will be for His glory. The Lord permits some to die who for months and years have lingered in sickness. He sees fit to give His suffering ones rest.—Manuscript 67, 1899.

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