Ellen G. White Writings

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Selected Messages Book 2, Page 349

Chapter 44—The Perils of Hypnosis

[Counsel supplementary to Medical Ministry, 110-117; Testimonies for the Church 1:290-302; The Ministry of Healing, 241-258.]

A Warning to Physicians Employing Hypnotic Methods

Brother and Sister N, in the name of the Lord I ask you to remember that unless your sentiments regarding the science of mind cure are changed, unless you both understand that you are in decided need of having your own minds converted and transformed, you will be stumbling blocks—pitiful spectacles to angels and to men.

The truth has had but little influence over you. It is dangerous for anyone, no matter how good a man he is, to endeavor to influence another human mind to come under the control of his mind. Let me tell you that the mind cure is a satanic science. Already you have gone far enough in it to endanger seriously your future experience. From its very first entrance into your mind until the present time, it has been a most injurious growth. Unless you can see that Satan is the mastermind who has devised this science, it will not be so easy a matter as you suppose to separate from it, root and branch. The whole philosophy of this science is a masterpiece of satanic deception. For your souls’ sake, cut loose from everything of this order. Every

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