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Selected Messages Book 2, Page 484

While these four messages of counsel were written at a particular time to meet situations in a particular geographical area, may they not serve to alert any contemplating marriage to circumstances and factors that could imperil the union and bequeath to the children an inheritance that some may resent?

These counsels are among those given the believer, dealing with a significant and far-reaching experience in life and presenting a course of action least fraught with factors that may lead to heartaches and could impair or destroy the union. As Ellen White says, “Jesus wants to see happy marriages, happy firesides.”

The repeated statements made by Ellen G. White orally and in her writings make clear that the issue is not that of inequality of race. She ever maintained that there is a close brotherhood of mankind, and that in the records of heaven the name of the individual of one race stands beside the name of one of another race. Read carefully the appendix which follows entitled, “The Brotherhood of Mankind.”

White Trustees.

Ellen G. White Estate,

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D.C. August, 1967.

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