Ellen G. White Writings

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Selected Messages Book 2, Page 72

Chapter 8—Meeting the Claims of False Prophets

What We May Expect

I have been shown many who will claim to be especially taught of God, and will attempt to lead others, and from mistaken ideas of duty they will undertake a work that God has never laid upon them. Confusion will be the result. Let everyone seek God most earnestly for himself that he may individually understand His will.—Letter 54, 1893.

There will be those who will claim to have visions. When God gives you clear evidence that the vision is from Him, you may accept it, but do not accept it on any other evidence; for people are going to be led more and more astray in foreign countries and in America.—The Review and Herald, May 25, 1905.

The Visions of a Misled Child

[In communications about, or to, the Mr. Garmire referred to in chapter 7, is counsel and information which may serve in dealing with those who claim to have special light.—Compilers.]

I am compelled to state that I have not had the least faith in Mr. [J. M.] Garmire or his work. The pamphlet that was issued last fall at the time of our Jackson camp meeting had not the least sanction of our people. They were sent broadcast by stealing the Review and Herald list.

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