Ellen G. White Writings

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Testimonies for the Church, vol. 2, Page 558

Chapter 65—An Indulged Daughter

Dear Friend F,

I was shown that you were in danger of being under the full control of the great adversary of souls. Your experience at ----- was not good for you. Your stay at ----- hurt you; you became proud and vain. Persons were not wanting who unwisely petted and praised you until you became vain, pert, and saucy. You have been opposed to restraint, have been headstrong, willful, and stubborn, and have made your parents much trouble. They have erred. Your father has unwisely petted you. You have taken advantage of this and have become deceptive. You have received approbation which you did not deserve.

You had your own head very much at ----- and took liberties that should not have been allowed for a moment. When you or your sisters were reproved you felt insulted and reported the matter to your mother as though you had been abused. You exaggerated, and she was nervous and easily excited and irritated if she thought her position and dignity were not respected. She was displeased that anyone should dictate to her children, and she did not conceal her displeasure. She spoke improperly to those who should have commanded her respect. Your mother showed great lack of wisdom in taking your part and censuring those whom she should have thanked rather than blamed. She hurt you and did a work for you that she can never fully repair. You triumphed because you thought yourself secure from censure, thought that you could do as you pleased. Your mother's eye was not always upon you; and if it had been, she could not have discerned your evil tendencies.

At school you had a good and noble teacher, yet you felt indignant because you were restrained. You thought that because you were the daughter of G your teacher should show a

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