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Testimonies for the Church, vol. 5, Page 2

Testimonies for the Church Volume Five

Table of Contents

The Times of Volume Five3
Testimony 31 (1882)
Camp Meeting Address9
   Responsibility of Ministers15
Our College21
   The Bible as a Textbook24
   Object of the College27
   Teachers in the College28
Parental Training36
Important Testimony45
The Testimonies Slighted62
Workers in Our College84
Jealousy and Faultfinding Condemned94
The Day of the Lord at Hand98
Unwise Marriages105
Warnings and Reproofs114
   Dangers of the Young121
Laborers for God132
Agents of Satan137
Will a Man Rob God?148
Power of the Truth157
Our Camp Meetings162
Brotherly Love167
Diligence in Business178
Moving to Battle Creek182
Worldliness in the Church188
Shall We Consult Spiritualist Physicians?191
Looking Unto Jesus199
Calls for Laborers202
The Seal of God207
An Appeal217
Christian Unity236
Testimony 32 (1885)
The Work of the Gospel Minister249
   Ministers as Educators254
   Duty to Reprove Money Lovers258
Christian Growth263
   Tithes and Offerings267
Faithfulness in the Work of God272
   Vowing and Not Paying281
Influence of Unbelief285
Deceitfulness of Sin289
Criticizing Ministers298
Fidelity and Perseverance Needed302
Sinfulness of Repining309
“Praise Ye the Lord!”315
Parental Responsibility319
The Training of Children323
Christian Forbearance331
Worldly Ambition336
Love Among Brethren341
Redeeming the Time349
The Manufacture of Wine and Cider354
Marriage With Unbelievers361
The Support of City Missions368
The True Missionary Spirit385
Young Men as Missionaries390
Importance of the Canvassing Work396
The Publishing Work407
   Importance of Economy413
   Unity of the Work417
Business and Religion422
Worldly-Mindedness a Snare430
Responsibilities of the Physician439
The Coming Crisis449
The Church the Light of the World454
Joshua and the Angel467
Testimony 33 (1889)
Unity and Love in the Church477
   Guarding the Interests of Brethren480
Behavior in the House of God491
Religion and Scientific Education501
The Education of Our Children505
Dangers of the Young508
   The Exercise of the Will513
Suitable Reading for Children516
Advice to the Young520
   Examples of Heroic Fidelity to God526
   An Educated Ministry528
Practical Godliness532
“Your Reasonable Service”541
Worldly Influences542
Needs of Our Institutions549
Our Institutions at Battle Creek555
   The College555
   Qualifications of Managers556
Board Meetings559
   Worldly Policy561
   Royalties on Books563
Christian Influence in the Home and the Church568
An Impressive Dream571
Daily Study of the Bible Necessary573
Education of Workers580
Unholy Ambition586
“The Appearance of Evil”591
Love for the Erring603
Church Duties613
   Treatment of the Erring615
   Selection of Leaders617
A Letter621
God's Love for Sinners629
Acceptable Confession635
Erroneous Ideas of Confession642
God's Presence a Reality651
   The Presence of Christ in the Schoolroom653
The Nature and Influence of the Testimonies654
   Personal Testimonies657
   Object of the Testimonies661
   Not to Take the Place of the Bible663
   Wrong Use of the Testimonies668
   To Be Judged by Their Fruits671
   Doubting the Testimonies672
   Duty to Give Reproof676
   Rejection of Reproof678
   Neglect of the Testimonies680
   How to Receive Reproof682
   An Unwarranted Distinction683
Unfounded Reports692
A Miracle Counterfeited696
The Mysteries of the Bible a Proof of Its Inspiration698
The Impending Conflict711
The American Sentinel and Its Mission718
Workers in the Cause721
The Inestimable Gift729
The Character of God Revealed in Christ737
The Word Made Flesh746
God's Care for His Work749

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