Ellen G. White Writings

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Testimonies for the Church, vol. 6, Page 454

Chapter 57—The Publishing House in Norway

[The following appeal, written November 20, 1900, relates to the financial embarrassment of our work in Christiania, Norway. In 1899 word was received by the Foreign Mission Board that the publishing house at Christiania had become involved in debt and was unable to meet its obligations, and that the institution was in danger of falling into the hands of its creditors. To relieve this embarrassment, financial assistance would be required to the amount of $50,000. This the board could not furnish, and though our brethren in Norway continued to hold possession of the publishing house for more than a year after this, little was done for their relief. It seemed that the building must finally be given over to the creditors or be sold to raise funds for meeting the debt. Thus the institution built up by years of labor and sacrifice would be lost to the Lord's work. To prevent this great calamity the Lord has spoken through his servant in the following earnest words of appeal, instruction, and encouragement.]

Our publishing house in Norway is in peril, and in the name of the Lord I appeal to our people in its behalf. All to whose hearts the cause of present truth is dear are called upon to help at this crisis.

Those who love and serve God should feel the deepest interest in all that concerns the glory of His name. Who could see an institution where the truth has been magnified, where the Lord has so often revealed His presence, where instruction has been given by the messengers of God, where the truth has been sent forth in publications that have accomplished great good—who could bear to see such an institution pass into the hands

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