Ellen G. White Writings

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Testimonies for the Church, vol. 6, Page 464

should have shared the burden earlier. But even then censure might be inappropriate, and it would certainly be useless. Our first thought should be, How can we help to lift the load? Time is precious. There is too much at stake to run the risk of delay.

To charge the managers of the Skodsborg Sanitarium with worldly ambition and a desire to glorify themselves would do them injustice. In the enlarging of the work they were seeking the glory of God, and a work has been accomplished which is far-reaching for good. But they have erred in making investment beyond their means, and have thus placed themselves in the bondage of debt. By this the future of the institution and the honor of the cause are imperiled. Now, instead of adding to the difficulties of the situation, shall we not courageously grapple with the work of lifting the debt?

I am stirred by the Spirit of God to sound an alarm. Oh, what a sight it would be for the angels to see the institutions established for the illustration and promulgation of the principles of reform and Christian living, passing out of the hands of those who can use them in God's work, into the hands of the world! Brethren, it is time that we interested ourselves in behalf of these institutions in Europe that are now suffering for help. As Christ deals with us, so must we deal with our brethren who are in difficulty.

The Lord's treasures are at hand, entrusted to us for just such emergencies. Let our people who love God and His cause come to the help of His imperiled institutions. Our American brethren should rally to the rescue. Our Scandinavian brethren in America should be specially aroused to take decided action. And our brethren in Denmark, Norway, and Sweden should understand that now is the time for them to come up to the help of the Lord. Let all who trust in God and

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