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Testimonies for the Church, vol. 7, Page 103

spirituality. In a large institution it often happens that responsible places are filled by workers who are not spiritually minded, who do not exercise wisdom in dealing with those who, if wisely treated, would be awakened, convicted, and converted.

Not one quarter of the work has been done in opening the Scriptures to the sick that might have been done, and that would have been done in our sanitariums if the workers had themselves received thorough instruction in religious lines.

Where many workers are gathered together in one place, management of a much higher spiritual tone is required than has often been maintained in our large sanitariums.


We are on the verge of the eternal world. The judgments of God have already begun to fall upon the inhabitants of the land. God sends these judgments to bring men and women to their senses. He has a purpose in everything that He permits to take place in our world, and He desires us to be so spiritually minded that we shall be able to perceive His working in the events so unusual in the past, but now of almost daily occurrence.

We have before us a great work, the closing work of giving God's last warning message to a sinful world. But what have we done to give this message? Look, I beg of you, at the many, many places that have never yet been even entered. Look at our workers treading over and over the same ground, while around them is a neglected world, lying in wickedness and corruption—a world as yet unwarned. To me this is an awful picture. What appalling indifference we manifest to the needs of a perishing world!

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