Ellen G. White Writings

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The Adventist Home, Page 395

Chapter 65—Provision for the Future

Home Ownership and Savings Versus Spendthrift Habits—Brother and Sister B have not learned the lesson of economy.... They would use all as they pass along, were it ever so much. They would enjoy as they go and then, when affliction draws upon them, would be wholly unprepared.... Had Brother and Sister B been economical managers, denying themselves, they could ere this have had a home of their own and besides this have had means to draw upon in case of adversity. But they will not economize as others have done, upon whom they have sometimes been dependent. If they neglect to learn these lessons, their characters will not be found perfect in the day of God.1Testimonies for the Church 3:30, 31.

This Counsel May Help You—You have been in a business which would at times yield you large profits at once. After you have earned means, you have not studied to economize in reference to a time when means could not be earned so easily, but have expended much for imaginary wants. Had you and your wife understood it to be a duty that God enjoined upon you to deny your taste and your desires and make provision for the future instead of living merely for the present, you could now have had a competency and your family have had the comforts of life. You have a lesson to learn.... It is to make a little go the longest way.2Testimonies for the Church 2:432, 433.

To a Family That Should Save Systematically—You might today have had a capital of means to use in case of emergency and to aid the cause of God, if you had

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