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Child Guidance, Page 223

Chapter 41—Objectives of Discipline

Self-government the Paramount Objective—The object of discipline is the training of the child for self-government. He should be taught self-reliance and self-control. Therefore as soon as he is capable of understanding, his reason should be enlisted on the side of obedience. Let all dealing with him be such as to show obedience to be just and reasonable. Help him to see that all things are under law, and that disobedience leads, in the end, to disaster and suffering. When God says, “Thou shalt not,” He in love warns us of the consequence of disobedience, in order to save us from harm and loss.1Education, 287.

Enlisting the Power of the Will—The true object of reproof is gained only when the wrongdoer himself is led to see his fault and his will is enlisted for its correction. When this is accomplished, point him to the source of pardon and power.2Education, 291.

Those who train their pupils to feel that the power lies in themselves to become men and women of honor and usefulness will be the most permanently successful.3Fundamentals of Christian Education, 58.

Correct Habits, Inclinations, Evil Tendencies—It is the work of the parents to restrain and guide and control. They cannot commit a worse evil than to permit their children to gratify all their childish wishes and fancies, and leave them to follow their own inclinations; they cannot do them a greater wrong than to leave upon their minds the impression that they are to live to please and amuse themselves, to choose their own ways and find their own pleasure and society.... The youth need

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