Ellen G. White Writings

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Christian Temperance and Bible Hygiene, Page 159

Domestic Duties for Students.—However good the advantages of the student may be for gaining a knowledge of books, his character is still unformed if he has not an experience in the practical duties of everyday life.

Dress—We as a people do not believe it our duty to go out of the world in order to be out of fashion. If we have a plain, neat, modest, comfortable style of dress, and others choose to adopt it, shall we change our dress in order to be different from them?—No; we should not be singular in our dress for the sake of differing from the world: they would despise us for so doing. Christians are the light of the world, the salt of the earth. Their dress should be neat and modest, their conversation chaste and heavenly, and their deportment blameless.

Shunning Duty—Those who, having had the light upon the subject of eating and dressing with simplicity, in obedience to moral and physical laws, still turn from the light which points out their duty, will shun duty in other things. By shunning the cross which they would have to take up in order to be in harmony with natural law, they blunt the conscience; and they will, to avoid reproach, violate the ten commandments. There is with some a decided unwillingness to endure the cross and despise the shame.

Woman's Rights—There are speculations as to woman's rights, and her duty in regard to voting; but many women have had no discipline which would qualify them to understand the bearing of important questions. They have lived a life of fashion and self-gratification. Women who might develop a good intellect, who might perfect a noble character, are mere slaves to custom. They lack breadth of thought and intellectual culture. They can talk understandingly of the latest styles of dress, or of

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