Ellen G. White Writings

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Counsels to Writers and Editors, Page 149

Chapter 20—Duplicating Books, and New Editions

Duplication of Books—In the future there will be manifested the same blindness that is now manifested in regard to the publication of important matters. Men will go over the same ground that is now being gone over. The principles underlying the plans being followed are faulty. When a book comes from the press to fill a certain want in the world, the interests of that book must be guarded by the men who have received pay for publishing it, even if the matter contained in the book is not of sufficient importance to demand a large circulation without delay.

I have been shown some things that will be done in the future. One man will prepare a book for publication, and after it is in circulation, someone else will think that he can publish a book similar in appearance and covering nearly the same ground as the first book placed on the market. The writer of this second book will use different words, but will treat of the same subjects that are treated of in the other book. Thus two different books will be in existence when one would have been all-sufficient. There will be instances when even before the author writes the book that he contemplates publishing, someone else will write on the very same subjects, in order to

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