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Christian Leadership, Page 32

the gospel from being circulated everywhere. With this object he leads men to feel that it is their privilege to control the consciences of their fellow-men according to their own perverted ideas. They dismiss the Holy Spirit from their councils, and then, under the power and name of the General Conference, they invent regulations through which they compel men to be ruled by their own ideas and not by the Holy Spirit....

There is need of an education in regard to the rights and duties of men in authority who have lorded it over God's heritage. When a man is placed in a position of trust, who knows not what kind of spirit he should exercise in dealing with human minds, he needs to learn the very first principles as to his authority over his fellow-men. Right principles must be brought into the heart, and wrought into the warp and woof of character.—Letter 83, 1896 (May 22, 1896 to O. A. Olsen).

Satan Fiercely Assails Responsible Men—Observing carefully every direction that the Lord has specified in regard to the Christian armor, you will walk before him softly, and will work discreetly. You will not carry with you any yokes to bind men to your plans, nor will you attempt to make the Lord's workers amenable to any finite mind. The maxims and precepts of men are not to control His laborers. Let no man be placed in a position where he can lord it over God's heritage; for this imperils alike the soul of him who rules and the souls of those who are under his rule.—Manuscript 140, 1902 (November 6, 1902 Principles for the Guidance of Men in Positions of Responsibility).

No Commanding—Among the Lord's servants there is to be no commanding. No yokes are to be placed on the necks of God's blood-bought heritage. Every yoke is to be broken. Men and women are more precious in the sight of God than the human mind can estimate. Christ understands their value; for he sacrificed Himself for their redemption. We are His property, the purchase of His life-blood. Sign not away your allegiance to any human jurisdiction or power. “Ye are not your own; for ye are bought with a price; therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God's.” 1 Corinthians 6:19, 20.—Ibid.

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