Ellen G. White Writings

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Christian Leadership, Page 44

because he thought he could do it a little more perfectly than another, he sinned against himself and he sinned against his brethren. He was educating the people to look to him, to expect everything must come through him, and they were not educated to look to God and to expect God to do great things for them. They depended upon others and trusted in others rather than in the living God, therefore many have not the experience they ought to have which would make them efficient workers.—Letter 24, 1883, pp. 1, 2 (August 23, 1883, to Willie and Mary White).

Let Others Learn to Bear Responsibilities—I feel deeply over your constant wearing labor. Please make others work and you do very much less. God does not want you or Elder Haskell sacrificed. He wants you to lay off work and be more a planner, a manager. There will be times when your special labors will be positively a necessity but I protest against your taking up so much labor. God does not require it of you and you must not do it. Will you heed advice? Will you let others learn to bear responsibilities even if they make blunders while you are a living man to show them how to work?

I have been shown that yourself and Elder Haskell must at your age be laying the burdens on others. Attend fewer camp meetings, speak and work less at the campmeetings you attend, and this will force others to the front to be obtaining an experience which is essential for them. In order to do this, you must do less and others must do more. We want the help of every one of the old hands and the work is, I have been shown, growing more and more important. We want these experienced men as counselors. We cannot spare them. This is not the voice of Sister White but it is the message to you from God. Will you heed it, both of you? Will you be prudent? Will you be managers and work less?—Letter 117, 1886, p. 6 (June 25, 1886, to Brother Butler. Ages: Butler, 52; Haskell 53).

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