Ellen G. White Writings

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Christian Leadership, Page 48

I am pleased with every bit of interest that you show in religious things. The way to become great and noble is to be like Jesus, pure, holy, and undefiled. The honor that you may receive of medical and great men is not of much value as I view it, but the honor you receive of the Lord is of the greatest value. I want that you should not be almost an overcomer, but a conqueror, and more than conqueror through Him that hath loved you and given His own life to save you from ruin. You want more and greater trust in God daily. I want you to be the happiest man that is in heaven. I want you to be at peace with God here, and have heaven hereafter. You have to fight the fight of faith in order to overcome skepticism and infidelity.—Letter 7, 1886 (April 26, 1886, to J. H. Kellogg).

Counsel to a Possessive Leader—While you have too much to do, others have too little. You do not give others an opportunity to improve in efficiency by practical experience. You are willing to be helped and assisted, if your helpers will leave the main responsibility resting on you. Especially among your own countrymen you desire to be placed above every one else.

You do not seem to have the ability to educate young men and to give them a chance to do that which they have talents for doing if they were given an opportunity to learn. This is the work which should have been done, but which you have left undone. If you were unselfish, if you had Christlike meekness and lowliness, you would learn how to train the youth for useful service....

You do not patiently seek to make others familiar with all parts of the work. This is because you desire to be first, and do not want others to become acquainted with the details of the work, or to become as efficient as you are. You have too much self-confidence, too high an estimate of your own ability. Today you should have standing by your side a large number of intelligent workers whom you had trained. But you have shaped matters according to your narrow conceptions, and still stand almost alone....

It is your duty to change your course of action. Learn to see and to recognize ability and talent in others besides yourself. For Christ's sake, do not lord it over His heritage but be an ensample to the flock. Give to others the benefit of all the knowledge that the Lord has given

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