Ellen G. White Writings

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Daughters of God, Page 85

Chapter 5—Women as Teachers

Much of Ellen White's counsel regarding teachers is general; she speaks of both men and women being well qualified to teach our young people. We cite the following statements as applying equally to both genders.

Suitable Teachers Needed—I dwell much upon this because suitable teachers are much needed, and men and women must be fitted up in the home and in the school to do a work of ministry of which they will not be ashamed. In too many families today there is too much self-indulgence and disobedience passed by without being corrected, or else there is manifested an overbearing, masterful spirit that creates the worst evils in the dispositions of children. Parents correct them at times in such an inconsiderate way that their lives are made miserable, and they lose all respect for father, mother, brothers, and sisters. The souls of the children, God's property, the lambs of the flock, are thus prepared for Satan to work his will upon them.—Manuscript Releases 13:95 (1898).

Teachers to Study the Word of God—To train the young to become true soldiers of the Lord Jesus Christ is the most noble work ever given to man. Only devout and consecrated men and women, who love children and can see in them souls to be saved for the Master, should be chosen as church school teachers. Teachers who

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