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Evangelism, Page 368

degenerates into a form, and when the appeals that first aroused them are no longer heard, they become spiritually dead.—Gospel Workers, 368 (1915).

Dealing With Backsliders—Those who are sent by God to do a special work will be called to rebuke heresies and errors. They should exercise Bible charity toward all men, presenting the truth as it is in Jesus. Some will be most earnest and zealous in their resistance to the truth; but while their faults must be exposed unflinchingly and their evil practices condemned, long-suffering, patience, and forbearance must be exercised toward them. “And of some have compassion, making a difference: and others save with fear, pulling them out of the fire; hating even the garments spotted by the flesh.”

The church may be called upon to dismiss from their fellowship those who will not be corrected. It is a painful duty that has to be done. Sad indeed is such a step, and it should not be taken until every other means of correcting and saving the one in error has failed.

Christ never made peace by anything like compromise. The hearts of God's servants will overflow with love and sympathy for the erring, as represented by the parable of the lost sheep; but they will have no soft words for sin. They show the truest friendship who reprove error and sin without partiality and without hypocrisy. Jesus lived in the midst of a sinful and perverse generation. He could not be at peace with the world unless He left them unwarned, unreproved, and this would not be in accordance with the plan of salvation.—Letter 12, 1890.

Dealing With Wrongs in God's Way—God is not pleased with the slothful work done in the churches. He expects His stewards to be true and faithful in

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