Ellen G. White Writings

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Evangelism, Page 389

and it must be done if aggressive warfare in New York is successfully carried forward.—Letter 154, 1901.

Results to Follow Proper Effort—God wants the work to go forward in New York. There ought to be thousands of Sabbathkeepers in that place, and there would be if the work were carried on as it should be. But prejudices spring up. Men want the work to go in their lines, and they refuse to accept broader plans from others. Thus opportunities are lost. In New York there should be several small companies established, and workers should be sent out. It does not follow that because a man is not ordained as a preacher he cannot work for God. Let such ones as these be taught how to work, then let them go out to labor. On returning, let them tell what they have done. Let them praise the Lord for His blessing, and then go out again. Encourage them. A few words of encouragement will be an inspiration to them.—Life Sketches, p. 385. (1915).

Boston and New England

Unworked Cities of New England—My mind has been burdened in behalf of the large cities of the East. Besides New York City, where you labored last summer, there is the important city of Boston, near which is situated the Melrose Sanitarium. And I know of no place where there is a greater need for a rebuilding of the first works than in Boston and in Portland, Maine, where the first messages were given in power, but where now there is but a little handful of our people.—Letter 4, 1910.

To Be Worked Without Delay—If in the city of Boston and other cities of the East, you and your wife

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