Ellen G. White Writings

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Evangelism, Page 394

Repeat the Message in the Eastern Cities—What is being done in the Eastern cities where the advent message was first proclaimed? The cities of the West have had advantages, but who in the East have been burdened to take up the work of going over the ground that in the early days of the message was baptized with the truth of the Lord's soon coming? The light has been given that the truth should go again to the Eastern States where we first began our work, and where we had our first experiences. We must make every effort to spread a knowledge of the truth to all who will hear, and there are many who will listen. All through our large cities God has honest souls who are interested in what is truth. There is earnest work to be done in the Eastern States. Repeat the message, repeat the message, were the words spoken to me over and over again. Tell My people to repeat the message in the places where it was first preached, and where church after church took its position for the truth, the power of God witnessing to the message in a remarkable manner.—Manuscript 29, 1909.

Cities of the East and South

Message to Reach the Cities and Suburbs—There is New York City, and the populous cities close by; there is Philadelphia and Baltimore and Washington. I need not enumerate all these places; you know where they are. The Lord desires us to proclaim the third angel's message with power in these cities.—Manuscript 53, 1909.

Philadelphia: Agitation Provides Evangelistic Opportunities—Philadelphia and other important places should be worked. Evangelists should be finding their way into all the places where the minds of men are

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