Ellen G. White Writings

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Evangelism, Page 445

Prejudice Broken Down

Bible Readings and Visitation Prepare for the Effort—The work is to commence quietly without noise or trumpeting. It is to commence by giving Bible readings and thus educating the people. This plan will be far more efficient than starting in with sermons.—Letter 89a, 1895.

Opposition Avoided by Personal Work—In God's service obstacles must be met and difficulties encountered. Events belong to God; and His servants must meet with difficulties and opposition; for they are His chosen methods of discipline and His appointed conditions of sure progress, advancement, and success. But I entreat the servants of the Lord Jesus to remember that there is a work which may be done quietly, without arousing that strong opposition which closes hearts to the truth.—Letter 95, 1896.

Visitation Determines Wisdom of Public Effort—I tell you in the name of the Lord that with your present force of workers, you are not prepared to engage in work in a hard place where the prejudice is strong. If half of the time usually spent in making public effort were devoted to house-to-house teaching, till the people had become acquainted with the religious sincerity of the workers and with the reasons of their faith, it would be much better. After this work has been done, it could be decided whether a more expensive effort would be advisable.

Public efforts have been made which have accomplished good. Some have responded and received the truth, but, oh, how few these have been. The Lord desires that the truth shall come close to the people, and this work can only be accomplished by personal labor.—Letter 95, 1896.

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