Ellen G. White Writings

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Evangelism, Page 58

In Personal Interviews—The work of Christ was largely composed of personal interviews. He had a faithful regard for the one-soul audience; and that one soul has carried to thousands the intelligence received.—The Review and Herald, May 9, 1899.

At the Feasts—When invited to a feast, Christ accepted the invitation, that He might, while sitting at the table, sow the seeds of truth in the hearts of those present. He knew that the seed thus sown would spring up and bring forth fruit. He knew that some of those sitting at meat with Him would afterward respond to His call, “Follow Me.” Ours is the privilege of studying Christ's manner of teaching as He went from place to place, everywhere sowing the seeds of truth.—Manuscript 113, 1902.

Christ's Follow-up Plan—Christ sent out His disciples two and two, [See also pp. 72-74, “Two and Two.”] to go to places to which He would afterward follow.—Manuscript 19, 1910.

Was Christ's Way Right?—The Majesty of heaven journeyed from place to place on foot, teaching out of doors by the seaside, and in the mountain. Thus He drew the people to Him. Are we greater than our Lord? Was His way the right way? Have we been working unwisely in maintaining simplicity and godliness? We have not learned our lesson yet as we should. Christ declares, Take My yoke of restraint and obedience upon you, and ye shall find rest unto your souls. For My yoke is easy, and My burden is light.—Letter 140, 1898.

Molding and Correcting in Christ's Service—The work of the disciples needed molding and correcting by tenderest discipline, and by opening to others a knowledge of the word they themselves had received;

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