Ellen G. White Writings

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Evangelism, Page 6

compilation. Devoted exclusively to the all-important subject of evangelism.

This volume not only sets forth the well-established guiding principles which should mold the work of the evangelist and Bible instructor but also presents a wealth of minute counsel regarding the application of those principles. As a compilation of the precious instruction which the Lord has given all through the years, it is a veritable handbook of evangelism for the Advent movement.

In bringing together and arranging in logical order many statements from various sources, it was found that certain general lines of instruction were repeatedly set forth. In the effort to place before the reader all that contributed to the subject, without presenting undue repetition, only paragraphs or groups of paragraphs were selected. In some cases repetitious sentences were dropped from even the brief excerpts used, and in each case the deletion is indicated. Great care has been exercised, however, to present statements of sufficient length to give the correct setting for the counsel.

An endeavor has been made to make each section a complete treatment of the subject presented. In so doing there accrues a certain degree of unavoidable repetition of thought which emphasizes the instruction. As an aid in making ready reference to the key statements in this volume, side headings appearing in bold type have been supplied by the compilers. A source credit appears at the close of each excerpt, and as a further aid to the reader, there is given the date of writing, in case of the manuscript quotations, or the date of first publication in the case of other reference.

A knowledge of the time of the utterance sometimes

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