Ellen G. White Writings

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Evangelism, Page 657

writing, which wearied them, occupied their time, and did not help the present work, but hindered it. The people were robbed of the clear, convincing exposition of Scripture, and the devotional part of the work was neglected....

Now the reason: Out of the desk they employed much of their time in writing, excusing themselves from visiting because they were so busy and so tired. As the result they were brain weary when they came into the desk; they were not prepared to do a work that God could set His seal upon. They made nothing clear. Yet if they worked themselves up to a high pitch of excitement they thought their discourses were powerful. They touched here and there, bringing a large mass of matter which they regarded as convincing and overwhelming evidence, but in fact they buried the truth under a mass of matter poured out upon the hearers, so that the points never could be found. Everything they presented was muddled. So many subjects were brought into one discourse that no point stood proved and clear in the minds of those unacquainted with the truth.... One subject, a few points made plain and clear, would be of more value to the hearer than this mass of matter which you may call evidence, and think your points substantiated.—Letter 47, 1886.

Health and Health Principles

[See also The Medical Evangelist, 513-551.]

Evangelists Tempted to Be Careless of Health—Satan is at work to destroy. He would lead the minds of those who love God and are preaching the gospel to be careless of their physical health, for this has a

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