Ellen G. White Writings

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Evangelism, Page 34

comparison with the great needs and the many opportunities, but little has been done. Where is your faith, my brethren? Where are the workmen? ...

Shall we not plan to send messengers all through these fields, and support them liberally? Shall not the ministers of God go into these crowded centers, and there lift up their voices in warning to multitudes? At such a time as this, every hand is to be employed.—The Review and Herald, November 25, 1909.

Multitudes Unwarned—In New York, [See also pp. 384-406, “The Work in the Large American Cities.”] and in many other cities, there are multitudes of people unwarned.... We must set about this work in earnestness, and do it. Laying aside our peculiarities, and our own ideas, we are to preach Bible truth. Men of consecration and talent are to be sent into these cities and set to work.—Manuscript 25, 1910.

Time to Wake Up the Watchmen—Our cities are to be worked.... Money is needed for the prosecution of the work in New York, Boston, Portland, Philadelphia, Buffalo, Chicago, St. Louis, New Orleans, and many other cities. In some of these places the people were mightily stirred by the message given in 1842 to 1844, but of late years little has been done compared to the great work that ought to be in progress. And it seems difficult to make our people feel a special burden for the work in the large cities.

I appeal to our brethren who have heard the message for many years. It is time to wake up the watchmen. I have expended my strength in giving the messages the Lord has given me. The burden of the needs of our cities has rested so heavily upon me that it has sometimes seemed that I should die. May the Lord give wisdom to our brethren, that they may know how

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