Ellen G. White Writings

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Fundamentals of Christian Education, Page 336

retire to contented rest, then the prowling, stealthy, midnight thief steals upon his prey. When it is too late to prevent the evil, it is discovered that some door or window was not secured. “Be ye also ready: for in an such hour as ye think not the Son of man cometh.” People are now settling to rest, imagining themselves secure under the popular churches; but let all beware, lest there is a place left open for the enemy to gain an entrance. Great pains should be taken to keep this subject before the people. The solemn fact is to be kept not only before the people of the world, but before our own churches also, that the day of the Lord will come suddenly, unexpectedly. The fearful warning of the prophecy is addressed to every soul. Let no one feel that he is secure from the danger of being surprised. Let no one's interpretation of prophecy rob you of the conviction of the knowledge of events which show that this great event is near at hand.

The money which has been expended in additional buildings and in extensions on existing buildings in Battle Creek, should have been used for creating facilities for carrying on the work in places where there is nothing done at all. God is not pleased at the manner in which His goods have been disposed of. There is no respect of places or of persons, with Him.

The practice of furnishing a few persons with every advantage of perfecting their education in so many lines that it would be impossible for them to make use of all of them, is an injury rather than a benefit to the one who has so many advantages, besides depriving others of the privileges they need so much. If there were far less of this long continued preparation, far less exclusive devotion to study only, there would be much more opportunity for an increase of the student's faith in God. He who long devotes all his energies to his studies alone, becomes fascinated,—is actually absorbed in his books, and loses sight of the goal for which he started when he came to school. It has been shown to me that some

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