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Faith and Works, Page 13

seems to many too easy, and uncounted numbers who claim to be following Christ, virtually take the position that salvation is partly by faith in Christ's death on calvary and partly by human effort.

As the early Seventh-day Adventists saw the claims of God's changeless law, legalistic tendencies threatened, and for a time yielded, unprofitable fruit in the experience of many. But the conscientious knowledge of God's law leads to the putting away of sin and to the living of a holy, sanctified life. This is the setting for these readings on faith and works—readings on the law and the gospel.

At almost midpoint of the two decades represented in this pamphlet, the General Conference session of 1888 was held at Minneapolis, Minnesota, preceded by a Ministerial Institute. At these meetings emphasis was given to the basic truths of righteousness by faith. Ellen White characterized it as a revival of truths largely lost sight of. At the conference she herself made no presentation on the subject. The burden of her talks was that those present should keep their hearts open to receive light from God's word as presented by Elders E. J. Waggoner and A. T. Jones. Reception of this new emphasis was mixed. Some of the hearers accepted it gladly and fully, and some took a neutral stand. Some rejected it. The records are clear that many went from that conference carrying with them a new and glorious experience in Christ Jesus.

Through sermons preached in the churches after that conference, including many by Ellen White, and through articles from her pen, Adventists generally were led to a clearer understanding and acceptance of righteousness by faith. Many who at first rejected the concept presented at Minneapolis were led to accept.

The basic truths involved in the doctrine of righteousness by faith are so simple that no exhaustive E. G. White book is called for to expound them. The theme permeates many of her books, with choice illustrations cropping out here and there.

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