Ellen G. White Writings

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Gospel Workers 1892, Page 100

should enlist their support and engage their interest. The great missionary field is open to us, and the subject must be agitated, agitated, again and again. The people must understand that it is not the hearers of the word but the doers of the word who will have eternal life. Not one is exempted from this work of benevolence. All who become partakers of the grace of Christ are not only to communicate of their substance to advance the truth, but to give themselves to God without reserve.—MS.

Division of Labor

A serious and perhaps unsuspected hindrance to the success of the truth is to be found in our churches themselves. When an effort is made to present our faith to unbelievers, the members of the church too often stand back, as though they were not an interested party, and let all the burden rest upon the minister. For this reason the labor of our most able ministers has been at times productive of little good. The very best sermons may be preached, the message may be just what the people need, and yet no souls are gained as sheaves to present to Christ. In laboring where there are some already in the faith, the minister should at first seek not so much to convert unbelievers as to secure his army of workers. Let him labor for the members of the church individually, seeking to arouse them to gain a deeper experience themselves, and to work for others. When the members of the church are prepared to sustain the minister by their prayers and labors, greater success will attend his efforts.—MS.


I saw that nothing lasting can be accomplished for churches in different places unless they are aroused

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