Ellen G. White Writings

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Gospel Workers 1892, Page 218

the heart; he sees the soul's humility in view of its own weakness, the sincere repentance over even a thought that is evil; he sees the whole heart's devotion to the upbuilding of the cause of God; he has noted those hours of hard battle with self—battle that won the victory. All this, God and angels know.

Many will be lost who think themselves Christians, and many will be in heaven who their neighbors supposed would never get there. God judgeth not as man judgeth. Man judgeth from appearance, but God judgeth the heart. The Lord knows the strength of the temptations that he permits. He sees the inward conflicts, the severe struggles of him who gives up the visible on the strength of God's promise that presents before him the invisible.—MS.

Labor at Camp-Meetings

A serious mistake has sometimes been made, in the attempt to hold as many meetings as possible during the camp-meeting season. The forces were divided, and, of course, weakened, and the efforts made were comparatively feeble. The close successions of camp-meetings, with the scarcity of laborers, has brought a heavy tax upon those who bear the burden of the work. They are called to go from camp-meeting to camp-meeting, and endure the strain of continual speaking upon subjects that stir the soul to its depths, and they cannot long pursue this labor without becoming enfeebled. Changes must be made, if our ministers are to be saved to do good work for the Master. If it is necessary to hold fewer general meetings, for want of laborers, let there be a sufficient

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