Ellen G. White Writings

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Gospel Workers 1892, Page 310

must represent Christ, love souls as he loved them, be obedient as he was, be courteous, full of sympathy. Let Christ appear, and self be hid in him. Now, as in the days of Christ, traditional prejudice, custom and fashion, have barricaded souls against the truth. He who presents the truth to others must in his own character give evidence of its transforming power.

There are some who will accept the truth on its merits, even though the one who presents it to them does not rightly represent it in his own character. One who is unsanctified in heart may, to a certain extent, know the truth, although he fails to practice it; he may bring forward sound evidence in its favor, and those whose hearts the Lord has been moving upon by his Holy Spirit, who have been led to hunger and thirst for truth, will, through the influence of the same Spirit, be impressed with the validity of the truth.

The impression was not made by the power or influence of the man, but by the Comforter, of whom Jesus said, “When he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth.” [John 16:13.] The Holy Spirit is called both the Comforter and the Spirit of truth, because there is comfort and hope in the truth. A falsehood cannot give genuine peace; but through the truth we become partakers of the peace that passeth understanding.

But although he may appear to win some honest souls to the truth, the unsanctified worker is a false and dangerous guide. The new converts naturally expect that the one who can explain the word of life, who has presented to them the beautiful gems of truth, has right ideas of what constitutes Christian character. When associating with him, they are often led to do as he does. Almost imperceptibly they imbibe his ideas and partake of his narrowness and selfishness. Thus through the unchristian course of him who brought them the truth, their souls

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