Ellen G. White Writings

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Gospel Workers 1892, Page 311

are constantly exposed to deception. If those ministers who constantly “hold down the truth in unrighteousness,” [Romans 1:18; Rev. Ver.] could know the evil that has been wrought because of their defective characters, they would be filled with horror.

There are too many who profess to accept the truth, and even to teach others, while they cling to the same old habits, manifest the same self-esteem, the same perverted ideas and motives. Although they claim to have been converted, it is plain to be seen that they have tried to join the truth to their untransformed characters, instead of submitting themselves to be transformed by the truth.

Every one who accepts the present truth should make the fullest possible surrender of himself to God. He should fall upon the Rock, and be broken. Old habits, hereditary and cultivated traits of character, must all be broken up; we must yield ourselves to be moulded by the divine Spirit if we would become vessels unto honor. Do not seek to conform the truth to your peculiarities and imperfections. But as the Comforter shall come, and reprove you of sin and of righteousness and of judgment, be careful lest you resist the Spirit, and be left in darkness. Be willing to see your errors and yield up your self-will. Submit yourself to God, that he may work in you to will and to do according to his good pleasure.—MS.

Love is Power

Love is power. Intellectual and moral strength are involved in this principle, and cannot be separated from it. The power of wealth has a tendency to corrupt and destroy; the power of force is strong to do hurt; but the excellence and value of pure love consist in its efficiency to do good, and to

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