Ellen G. White Writings

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Gospel Workers 1892, Page 319

gentleness of manner, which can never be equaled by the superficial polish of fashionable society.

Let every worker for Christ make it his highest aim to win souls to God, rather than to be looking at and teaching mere superficial acquirements. Direct your energies to the fitting of living stones for the building of God's temple.—MS.

Christ's Example a Rebuke to Bigotry and Exclusiveness

In every age since Christ was among men, there have been some who choose to seclude themselves from others, manifesting a Pharisaical desire for pre-eminence. Shutting themselves away from the world, they have not lived to bless their fellow-men. There is no example in the life of Christ for this self-righteous bigotry; his character was genial and beneficent. There is not a monastic order upon earth from which he would not have been excluded for overstepping the prescribed rules. In every religious denomination, and in almost every church, are to be found erratics who would have blamed him for his liberal mercies. They would have found fault with him because he ate with publicans and sinners; they would have accused him of worldly conformity in attending a wedding feast, and would have censured him unmercifully for permitting his friends to make a supper in honor of him and his disciples. But on these very occasions, by his precious teachings, as well as by his generous conduct, he was enshrining himself in the hearts of those whom he honored with his presence. He was giving them an opportunity to become acquainted with him, and to see the marked contrast between his life and teachings and

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