Ellen G. White Writings

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Gospel Workers 1892, Page 464

your constant helper. Go straight forward when the voice of duty calls; let no seeming difficulties obstruct your path. Take up your God-given responsibilities; and as you bear your sometimes heavy burdens, do not ask, “Why idle stands my brother, no yoke upon him laid?” Do the duty nearest you thoroughly and well, not coveting praise, but working for the Master because you belong to him.

Duties and Privileges of the Christian Laborer

It is a privilege to express my gratitude to God for these meetings now in the past. We know that we have had the presence and blessing of God. He has breathed upon us his Holy Spirit. To me and to many others, heaven has seemed very near; and we have been led to rejoice with joy unspeakable and full of glory.

Through the Bible readings the truth has been brought out with clearness and power. Deeper, broader views have been taken of divine truth and of our responsibility to God. Hearts have been subdued and softened by the love of God. Through grace the capacity to understand and appreciate the truth has been enlarged; and as we continue to advance in grace, our ability will still further increase, and we shall better understand the ways of God and the plan of redemption.

The morning meetings have been most precious. To me they have been a continual feast,—like heavenly manna to my soul. We have met Jesus in the assembly of his people. We have learned of him, and of his willingness to receive all who come

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