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Gospel Workers 1892, Page v

Gospel Workers 1892


As setting forth the scope and design of this work, it would perhaps be more appropriate to call the attention of the reader to the table of contents than to the few words that may be written by way of preface. If the reader will glance over that portion of the book, he will see at once the important field of thought to which the mind is led, and the wide range of practical truths on which instruction is given.

1. The minister and the missionary are particularly mentioned, but what is written is also for the “gospel worker” in general. And how many does this embrace? All who have partaken of the blessings of the gospel should seek to make known its benefits to others. The instruction of this work is therefore for all.

2. It is not sent out that its instructions may be put into practice by way of experiment; for these principles have been tried and tested, many have studied the truths herein set forth, have listened to these words of instruction, and have tried to follow the counsel given. And the results have always been most happy, and the fruits good. Such persons have called for the matter of this book to be set forth in this form, for their own further study and for the

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