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From Heaven With Love, Page 25

Chapter 4—Born in a Stable

This chapter is based on Luke 2:1-20.

The King of glory stooped low to take humanity. His glory veiled, He shunned all outward display. Jesus purposed that no attraction of an earthly nature should call men to His side. Only the beauty of heavenly truth must draw those who would follow Him. He desired men to accept Him on the testimony of the Word of God.

The angels watched to see how the people of God would receive His Son, clothed in the garb of humanity. To the land where the light of prophecy had shone, the angels came. They came unseen to Jerusalem and the ministers of God's house.

Already to Zacharias the priest, as he ministered before the altar, the nearness of Christ's coming had been announced. Already the forerunner was born, and tidings of his birth and the significance of his mission had been spread abroad. Yet Jerusalem was not preparing to welcome her Redeemer. God had called the Jewish nation to communicate to the world that Christ was to be born of David's line, yet they knew not that His coming was at hand.

In the temple the morning and evening sacrifice pointed to the Lamb of God, yet even here was no preparation to receive Him. Priests and teachers rehearsed their meaningless prayers and performed the rites of worship, but were not prepared for the revelation of the Messiah. The same indifference pervaded the land of Israel. Hearts selfish and world-engrossed were untouched by the joy that thrilled all heaven. Only a few were longing to behold the Unseen.

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