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From Heaven With Love, Page 292

Chapter 48—Who Is the Greatest?

This chapter is based on Matthew 17:22-27; 18:1-20; Mark 9:30-50; Luke 9:46-48.

Returning to Capernaum, Jesus quietly sought the house that was to be His temporary home. During the remainder of His stay in Galilee, it was His object to instruct the disciples rather than labor for the multitudes.

Christ had again told them that He was to be put to death and to rise again. And He added that He was to be betrayed into the hands of His enemies. The disciples did not even now comprehend His words. Although the shadow of a great sorrow fell upon them, they disputed among themselves which should be greatest in the kingdom. This strife they thought to conceal from Jesus. Jesus read their thoughts and longed to counsel them, but for this He awaited a quiet hour when their hearts should be open to receive His words.

Soon after they reached town the collector of the temple revenue questioned Peter, “Doth not your Master pay tribute?” This religious contribution every Jew was required to pay annually. A refusal to pay would be, in the estimation of the rabbis, a grievous sin. Now His enemies saw an opportunity of casting discredit upon Him. In the collector of the tribute they found a ready ally.

Zealous for his Master's honor, Peter hastily answered that Jesus would pay the tribute. But some classes were exempt from payment of the tribute. The priests and Levites, still regarded as especially devoted to the temple, were not required to make the annual

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