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From Heaven With Love, Page 81

Chapter 14—We Have Found the Messiah

This chapter is based on John 1:19-51.

John the Baptist was now preaching at Bethabara, beyond Jordan, where people daily thronged the banks of the Jordan. The preaching of John had taken a deep hold on the nation. He had not recognized the authority of the Sanhedrin by seeking their sanction, yet interest in his work seemed to continually increase.

The Sanhedrin was made up of priests, rulers, and teachers. In the days of Jewish independence the Sanhedrin was the supreme court of the nation. Though now subordinated by the Roman governors, it still exercised a strong influence in civil as well as religious matters. The Sanhedrin could not well defer an investigation of John's work. Some recalled the revelation made to Zacharias in the temple that had pointed to his child as the Messiah's herald. These things were now called to mind by the excitement concerning the ministry of John.

It was long since Israel had had a prophet. The demand for confession of sin seemed new and startling. Many leaders would not go to hear John lest they be led to disclose the secrets of their lives. Yet his preaching was a direct announcement of the Messiah.

It was well known that the seventy weeks of Daniel's prophecy, covering Messiah's advent, were nearly ended; and all were eager to share in the national glory then expected. Such was the popular enthusiasm that the Sanhedrin would soon be forced either to sanction or to reject John's work. Already it was becoming a

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