Ellen G. White Writings

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Historical Sketches of the Foreign Missions of the Seventh-day Adventists, Page 182

interesting; and you can let your prayers go out, like sharp sickles, with the laborers into the harvest field. Each should have a personal interest, a burden of soul, to watch and pray for the success of the work.

You can also in meekness call the attention of others to the precious truths of God's word. Young men should be instructed that they may labor in these cities. They may never be able to present the truth from the desk, but they could go from house to house, and point the people to the Lamb of God that taketh away the sin of the world. The dust and rubbish of error have buried the precious jewels of truth; but the Lord's workers can uncover these treasures, so that many will look upon them with delight and awe.

There is a great variety of work, adapted to different minds and varied capabilities. In the day of God not one will be excused for being shut up to his own selfish interests. And it is by working for others that you will keep your own souls alive. Do you shrink from this work because there is a cross connected with it? Remember that self must be denied if you would win Christ. Earnest, unselfish effort will garner sheaves for Jesus. The humble worker who obediently responds to the call of God, may be sure of receiving divine assistance. The Lord is a mighty helper. If the workers will rely wholly upon him, he will accomplish a great work through them.

The Sabbath Meetings

It was with difficulty that I could speak at the meeting of Friday evening, for the hall was cold and very damp. In this building the plaster had been put directly onto the brick walls, leaving no air chamber, and thus permitted the dampness of the wall to be communicated to the room. There had been no fire in the hall during the season, until a few hours before we assembled, and then it only served to draw out the dampness, and render the atmosphere humid. There was a penetrating chill in the air, that made one shiver in the warmest wrappings. I suffered much from pain in my lungs, while I was speaking, and for hours afterward.

Sabbath morning I still felt the effects of the evening's chill. For two weeks I had been suffering much from some teeth that had been improperly treated by the dentist, and the cold that I had taken not only affected my lungs and throat, but rendered the pain in my teeth almost unendurable. I felt unable to speak to the people; but my earnest prayer went up to heaven for needed strength. Again I ventured to the hall, and found it well filled with interested hearers. I spoke from John 15:1-8, on the subject of the True Vine. I was strengthened and blessed; my infirmities were forgotten in the interest I felt for precious souls. The dear Saviour seemed very near, and the Holy Spirit rested upon the assembly.

The discourse was followed by a social meeting, Bro. Matteson acting as interpreter. Many good testimonies were borne. Some expressed their thankfulness to God that he had sent Sister White such a great distance to visit them. They had read her books and her articles in their paper, and had thus received most precious light and a great blessing. The Testimonies which had been translated into their language had opened to them the Scriptures, and had made the truth so plain that they could not resist it. A high standard had been presented for them to reach, and this had led them to read the Bible, to search

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