Ellen G. White Writings

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Life Sketches of James White and Ellen G. White 1888, Page 342

too late to the fatal deception. This plan was studied by Satan, and is carried out by ministers who turn the truth of God into a lie.”

Death of Henry N. White

Sister Adelia P. Patten, who had been a faithful and devoted member of the family for about two years, wrote a brief sketch of the life, experience, and last sickness of this much-loved and much-lamented son, from which the following is taken:—

“Henry Nichols White was born in Gorham, Maine, August 26, 1847. In October following, his parents removed to topsham, in the same state, and occupied part of the house owned by their much-esteemed friend and brother in Christ, stock-bridge howland.

“In December of the same year, Henry was taken sick with inflammation of the lungs, and all who saw him thought his recovery doubtful. One evening he appeared to be fast failing, and it seemed that he must die. It was then, when all earthly means failed, that his parents presented his case before the great physician, trusting in his power and willingness to save their beloved child. They spent much of the night in prayer, and while pleading with god to spare his life, he fell into a sweet sleep, and from that hour began to recover.

“His parents felt it to be their duty to give themselves unreservedly to labor in the cause of god; and when henry was but one year old, they decided to leave him in the care of brother Howland's eldest daughter, Frances, who cheerfully accepted the charge. He remained with this kind family, and they had the entire care of him, for five years. As he grew older, his sweet disposition and the affection he had ever manifested for his friends endeared him to all who knew him.

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