Ellen G. White Writings

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Ministry to the Cities, Page 84

controlled by a sense of duty, who daily seek wisdom and help from God, will act intelligently, not from selfish motives, but from the love of Christ and the truth. Such will not hesitate to give themselves unreservedly, soul, body, and spirit, to the work. They will study, work, and pray for its advancement.—General Conference Daily Bulletin, February 6, 1893, pp. 162, 163.


Experience in City Evangelism Strengthens Faith.—Those who have crowded into Battle Creek and are being held there see and hear many things that tend to weaken their faith and engender unbelief. They would gain a more practical knowledge in an effort to impart to others that which they receive of the word of God. They should scatter out and be working in all our cities under the training of men who are sound in the faith. If those who teach these workers are true and loyal, a great work will be accomplished.

There is to be a working of our cities as they never have been worked. That which should have been done twenty, yea, more than twenty years ago, is now to be done speedily. The work will be more difficult to do now than it would have been years ago, but it will be done.

Our work is made exceedingly hard because of many false theories that have to be met, and because of the dearth of efficient teachers and willing helpers.—Letter 277, 1905 (The Paulson Collection, 109, 110).

Refusal to Use Talents Eventually Renders Them Useless.—You may fold your hands saying, “I am only a lay member of the church; it is a hopeless task for me to undertake.” But have you yoked up with Christ? Are you laboring in His way? Oh, let it no longer be a source of grief to the heavenly intelligences and to Him who has paid such an infinite price for souls, that you refuse to be channels of light, that you refuse to cooperate with the

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