Ellen G. White Writings

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Peter’s Counsel to Parents, Page 14

Daily faith needed

What we need is a daily, living experience in the benefits to be derived by obedience to God. We are to encourage faith, to live by faith. This is our privilege, and if we do, then it is not in vain that Christ laid aside His kingly honors and came to this world to suffer and die. He will look upon the purchase of His blood, and will be satisfied. In that day the redeemed will cast their glittering crowns at the feet of their Saviour, and all heaven will ring with songs of praise. May we all be partakers of the divine nature, and be overcomers. I have tried to speak these words for your benefit, and now I will leave you to study this chapter for yourselves. May the blessing of the Lord rest upon you in the work you have to do is my desire and prayer. (Manuscript 103, 1909. An address before the students and faculty of the Western Normal Institute, Lodi, California, November 7, 1909.).

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