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Testimonies to Ministers and Gospel Workers, Page 239

Section 10—Right Methods, Principles, and Motives

[The articles in this section are from Special Testimonies to Ministers and Workers, (Series A, Nos. 4-6, 1895-1896). This article is from No. 4, pp. 14-20.]

Chapter 35—Proper Education

Cooranbong, Australia,

August 27, 1895

Dear Brother and Sister -----,

The students of our manual training school at this place are doing their best to follow the light God has given to combine with mental training the proper use of brain and muscle. Thus far the results have exceeded our expectations. At the close of the first term, which was regarded as an experiment, opportunity was given for the students to have their vacation, and engage in whatever work they chose to do. But everyone begged that the school might be continued as before, with manual labor each day combined with certain hours of study. The students did not want to give up the present opportunity of learning how to labor and how to study. If this is their choice under the most disadvantageous circumstances, what influence will it have when the school buildings are up and there are more favorable surroundings for the students?

The building they now occupy, the only one at all fit for the purpose, was an old hotel which we rented and are using to its fullest capacity. Four tents pitched in an adjoining paddock are also occupied by students. Every morning at six o'clock the members of the school are called together for morning worship and Bible study. These occasions have proved a blessing....

I spoke to the students eight mornings. The Lord Jesus was indeed in our assembly. The congregation

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